About us

Pemco Nigeria Limited is a leading company offering top-class rental solutions. We provide modern rental solutions to construction companies and customers in trade, industry and the public sector.


Why us?

Your priorities are our priorities as a partner or customers, and our goal is to make your project simpler.

We accomplish this using the best tools available, the most outstanding level of service across our whole organisation, and by being accountable, effective, and adaptable.

More Reasons to Choose us

Being responsible implies that you can rely on us to give you what you need at the right time. You can count on us to act responsibly in all facets of our business, locally and internationally.


Efficient in order for you to handle your operations and projects in a practical manner. We make it happen so you may invest your time and money in the areas that need it.


Flexible by being one of Nigeria’s main actors in the rental industry. Our local presence and broad range of equipment can accommodate you instantly.



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